Chanterelle is housed

in a wonderful historic wood building in the heart of Edmonds WA. It was home to the town’s first hardware store at the turn of the 19th century. This beloved building with its rustic Western style false front is well chronicled in photographs, many more available for viewing at the Edmonds Visitors Center (located in the cabin on 5th Avenue). The building was lovingly restored to its original roots in the mid eighties by Tonkin Hoyne Lokan, a Seattle architecture firm with a reputation for saving and restoring, and excellence in historic preservation.




Photo courtesy of Edmonds Museum



From hardware store to furniture exchange to sewing factory and, in 1986, to Chanterelle, this charming old building remains emblematic of Edmonds’ rich history as an old logging town in the Pacific Northwest. It is often mentioned in contemporary city council meetings when discussing future building regulations in the downtown core, and along with the need to preserve the charm and appeal of Edmonds with buildings such as ours.



Photo courtesy of Seattle Magazine



The Chanterelle building repeatedly draws the interest of various artists. This beautiful rendering by Jennifer Bowman is also featured prominently in a watercolor montage poster of Edmonds, at jenniferbowman.com.



Watercolor by Jennifer Bowman