Our vision for Chanterelle

has always been to serve the variety of flavorful foods we enjoy ourselves - some sophisticated and eclectic, others comforting and familiar in this wonderful old building from morning till night. We have always wanted Chanterelle to be the kind of place people would enjoy at any meal, and for any occasion, including if there’s no real occasion at all. We continue to be the place for locals to gather or treat “out of towners”; meet for a date or perhaps dine alone; bring the whole family, or leave them at home. Sometimes it’s to indulge in four courses or more, and other times just a nibble with a glass of wine or a latte’ from the espresso bar.

We believe others are like us in that we want hearty fare one day, and a tasty-but-light entrée salad the next. Sometimes we want south of the border spicy; other times, classic French, or Italian or Asian influenced.

Our talented and devoted kitchen staff has been with us for many years; they know no boundaries when it comes to being inspired from around the globe and executing it beautifully. We are Randy and Brooke Baker, husband and wife owners of Chanterelle since 1997. We met as co-workers at an elegant and popular California-French restaurant in the early 80’s, but have garnered “front of the house” experience in everything from fish and steak houses, national bistros, boisterous bars, coffee shops and everything in between. It wasn’t until we set foot in this particular building that we had the overwhelming desire to throw caution (and life’s savings) to the wind and own a restaurant ourselves.

We are now into our 21st year, and are most grateful to our wonderful patrons, staff and community for helping make Chanterelle the restaurant it is today.




watercolor by Thomas Olsen